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Pediatric dental checkups are just as important for health and wellness as doctor exams with your child’s pediatrician. At Visalia Dentistry 4 Kids in Visalia, California, skilled pediatric dentist Tracy Law, DDS, offers comprehensive pediatric dental checkups for kids of all ages, along with all the treatments your child needs for optimal oral health. Call the office to book your child’s pediatric dental exam now.

Pediatric Dental Checkup Q & A

When should my child have pediatric dental checkups?

Schedule your child’s first pediatric dental checkup at Visalia Dentistry 4 Kids when their first tooth comes in, or at 12 months old, whichever happens first. Generally, most children need pediatric dental checkups at least twice a year (every six months), which may include an exam, X-rays, teeth cleaning, or fluoride treatment.

But, if your child has specific oral health problems like tooth decay, gum disease, or other issues, Dr. Law might recommend a different checkup schedule. 

What can I expect at my child’s pediatric dental checkup?

During a pediatric dental checkup, Dr. Law evaluates all aspects of your child’s oral health. This includes an exam of:

  • Soft tissues within the mouth 
  • Soft tissues outside the mouth (neck and head)
  • Temporomandibular joints
  • Gums
  • Teeth 

A pediatric dental checkup also evaluates the areas that aren’t visible with the naked eye, like the tooth roots and jaw where they’re anchored. To do this, Dr. Law takes X-rays of the whole mouth. Your child might not need X-rays at every pediatric checkup, so Dr. Law considers your child’s age, risk for cavities, and current oral health to determine the ideal X-ray schedule. 

How often should my child have teeth cleaning?

Most children need teeth cleaning every six months, which is usually the same frequency as pediatric dental checkups. Often, children have their checkup with Dr. Law and their teeth cleaning during the same visit for convenience. 

Does my child need a fluoride treatment?

It depends on whether your child is getting enough fluoride from their main source of drinking water. If your child drinks mainly bottled water, for example, they likely don’t get enough fluoride to protect their teeth from decay, even if they use a fluoridated toothpaste every day. Dr. Law might also recommend a fluoride treatment if your child is cavity-prone.

If your child needs fluoride treatments, Dr. Law can do an in-office treatment at Visalia Dentistry 4 Kids. Fluoride treatment can come in gel, varnish, or foam forms. Dr. Law applies the fluoride to the teeth, and then your child generally must avoid drinking or eating for about 30 minutes to allow for full absorption. Dr. Law might also prescribe fluoride tablets or rinses for home use.

For pediatric dentistry exams, teeth cleaning, X-rays, and comprehensive care from a highly experienced pediatric dentistry team, call Visalia Dentistry 4 Kids.